Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun


It is minimalistic which makes it easy to handle. There are no electronic distractions. Tippmann X7 is fully upgradeable and offers excellent compatibility with different accessories. The flex valve improves efficiency and accuracy. It has great firing capabilities, and the maintenance is easy. This marker breaks almost no balls and can be upgraded for use with super soft paint balls. It guarantees many years of service due to its sturdiness. The gun adapts to different gaming situations and saves energy given its switching design. Its low-pressure system eliminates recoil.


The nine-inch barrel is less effective, but it can be upgraded. The marker is a bit heavy. However, the short length compensates weight regarding handling capabilities. It is less effective in cold conditions, but chrono-readings remain at the desired level.

Key Features of the X7 Phenom Paintball Gun

Flex Valve Technology: Tippmann X7 Phenom uses this valve technology to maintain operating pressure below 300 FPS. This helps in eliminating recoil as well as making it air efficient. You can shoot multiple rounds with the same air pressure. Minimized recoil allows you to achieve better accuracy when hitting your target.

Adjustable Regulator: The regulator is located at the back of the valve. It has positive and negative settings. Adjusting the regulator pressure helps in adjusting velocity. This allows you to set the right velocity according to terrain and level of competitiveness.

Built-in E-Grip: This grip allows you to switch between different trigger modes easily. It runs both in mechanical and electrical mode by using a switch. This makes sure you remain in the game even after your battery dies. Switching between electro and mechanical mode allows you to save battery power.

Trigger: You can choose from full auto, PSP, response, NPPL and mechanical firing modes. These are selected by flipping a simple switch. The mechanical modes come in handy when the battery dies off.

Selector Switch: X7 stills uses a mechanical selector switch with two stops. These are safe mode and fire mode. The switch allows you to move between these modes quickly.

Cyclone Hopper: The hopper for this model comes with softer paddles. Replacements with super soft paddles are also possible when you need to use softer paint balls. This air assisted hopper feeds 20 balls per second and uses no batteries.

Upgrade Options: Tippmann X7 is easy to accessorize and upgrade. There are at least 50 accessories provided by the primary manufacturer. These accessories are provided in an upgrade kit.

Modular Design: There are Picatinny rails which make it easy to mount sights and handles. Other parts like the grip are removable whenever you need to make an upgrade.

Power: X7 Phenom can fire 1400 rounds using the 4500 psi 68 cubic inch tank. This marker can fire up to 18 balls per second in the full auto mode. It has very little recoil which makes it great for extended use. It is quieter than most markers despite its power. This 68 caliber marker uses either CO2 or compressed air.

Aesthetics: Tippmann X7 Phenom is 3 inches shorter than the previous model. This makes it easier to handle. Its cyclone feed has also been redesigned and is now integrated directly into the marker.

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