Kingman Spyder Victor Paintball Gun Review

Kingman Spyder Victor


It is easy to use especially for new players. This model can be upgraded for better performance. The design is simple and very reliable. It can use either CO2 or compressed air. Spyder Victor is a durable model, especially with good maintenance. It is hard to break and can withstand wear and tear conditions in the field. This maker is compatible with any Spyder barrel. A simple release makes the disassembly process simpler. Cleaning is also made easier.


The barrel is a bit inaccurate in longer ranges. However, it can be upgraded to improve accuracy. The shooting speed is also not that fast. The muzzle velocity is not consistent but can be improved using upgrades. It also chops paint balls, but the chances are few. Some parts are made of plastic but are durable.

Key Features of the Kingman Spyder Viktor Paintball Gun

Simple Design: Kingman Spyder Victor Marker a simple design which makes it great for new players. There are no multiple parts which bring confusion. The operation is straightforward and requires little effort to setup. You only need to press the safety button, load the hopper, attach the tank and get into the game. This is a mechanical marker which requires no batteries or repairing fragile electronics. A simple blowback design offers standard performance. The Eko valve system improves efficiency when using a CO2 tank. An anodized matte finish makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Aluminum Construction: This maker is made of an aluminum extruded body which weighs only 2 pounds. It also has an average size which makes it easier to handle. The aluminum body is painted black which makes the marker sleek and undetectable in the field. The body looks streamlined and less chunky. You can move through woods with ease while tracking your opponents quietly.

Trigger: A two finger rubber grip makes the pulling easier. The trigger is fast enough with the capability of shooting nine balls per second. It is coupled to an external velocity adjuster. This makes sure that you hit as many targets as possible.

Top Cocking Delrin Bolt: A tool less bolt makes it easy to disassemble. You can remove its parts, perform regular cleaning and put it back together with ease.

Threaded Barrel: The 10-inch barrel is threaded to support barrel upgrades in case you want to want more accuracy.

Feedneck and Railing: Kingman Spyder comes with a sight rail and a vertical feed tube. The latter helps in feeding balls by gravity. Its feed neck is made of high impact polymer which closely matches aluminum durability.

EKO Valve: Victor uses a standard EKO valve which allows you to make at least 1600 shots for every CO2 tank. This is almost double a number of shots delivered by other guns.

ASA and Grip: It uses an inline, bottom-line ASA. The rubber grip panel has non slip characteristics.

Power: This is a 68 caliber marker with an operating pressure of 800 PSI. It uses either CO2 or compressed air.

Upgrades: Victor can support a variety of upgrades. You can add a barrel kit, a new bolt, an electronic trigger frame, custom grips, among others.

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