JT Impulse Paintball Gun Review

JT Impulse Paintball Gun


It is a light model which rips shots off quickly. The valve has been improved to offer the right balance. There is almost no recoil kickback which guarantees steady use and accuracy. It has a very long grip which is easy to hold. You can easily fit your thumbs between the trigger frame and the regulator. It works great even in extreme weather conditions. This marker is light to handle but durable but well built and durable at the same time. The shooting accuracy provides good results at all shooting levels.


The screen is cheaply made, but it remains visible nearly in all conditions. The trigger is hard to adjust but its super solid. The regulator is far away from the trigger. However, it allows you to hold the marker much better.

Key Features of the JT Impulse Paintball Gun

Construction and Weight: Components of the Impulse are placed in an aluminum casing. This stacked tube electronic paint ball gun weighs only one pound and fourteen ounces with the battery inserted.

Blue OLED Screen: The screen display is very bright and allows you to choose the firing rate easily. It helps you choose the ideal playing mode. The OLED crystal clear screen can be seen easily in harsh sunlight.LBR

Balanced Valve: LBR technology produces smooth shots. A balanced valve allows you to shoot with accuracy. It suits both new and experienced players. A consistent fluid space improves firing consistency and ensures no jamming. It can shoot off with 12 pods and a hopper in one fill.

Tool-Less Clamping Feedneck and Piston: This clamping feed neck can be replaced with no tools. The piston is also air cushioned for a smooth internal movement.

Adjustable Magnet Trigger: JT Impulse utilizes a four adjustable magnetic trigger which allows you to tune the sensitivity level. This suspended trigger has a dual bearing. The firing rate is high enough for an entry level marker.

Two Piece Barrel: A 14 inched micro honed barrel looks appropriate to most players. This two barrel is attached safely on the contraception. The barrel rises to the right level. It is incredibly light and has great porting.

Contoured Slim Grip: The contoured grip is very smooth and comfortable when hand held. The ergonomic design of this marker makes you feel like it morphs in your hand. It is easily one of the most comfortable guns on the market.

Electronic Board and ASA: It can be turned on and off easily when changing modes. JT Impulse also features a devotional mounted ASA system. The ASA is easy and does not purge the system. It has an on/off knob and Bleed capabilities.

Beam Eyes and Detents: Wired break beam eyes are incorporated to avoid breaking or chopping the balls. The spring driven detents have a longer life span.

Bolt System: The incorporated bolt can last a year without replacements. It is also easy to remove when you want to clean internal parts.

Software Upgrade: The software upgrade can be done using a miniature USB.

Accessories: The package comes with a barrel sleeve, a DVD, and spare parts kits, among others. The packaging is also great with a simple closing case.

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