Invert Mini Paintball Gun Review

Invert Mini Paintball Gun


It offers great shooting consistency and higher velocity. This is one of the lightest models in the market. It is a quiet marker sold at a reasonable price. The trigger is easily adjustable, and there are many firing modes. It has a low pressure which means more efficiency and less air used. The design is very sleek, and the color is very adaptable to field conditions. It is easy to use and has no recoil. You don't need a hose and upgrading is made possible. The range is excellent, and it does not chop paint balls.


The accuracy is not that impressive, but you can improve it by upgrading the barrel. ASA capability is poor but can be upgraded to relay on/off to avoid stripping off threads. The bolt assembly requires tools, but settings are tool less.

Key Features of the Invert Mini Paintball Gun

Material Construction: This is a small and powerful marker made with quality material. Invert Mini Marker weighs only 1.99 pounds which make it perfect for extended walking when tracking opponents. It is easy to carry in the field during battle, especially in the woods. The stock barrel is of durable construction.

Design: Invert Mini features clean lines, and the body looks compact. The cover is finished using a black color which prevents the marker from glimpsing on the sun. This allows you to move in the field undetected. Invert Miniis also designed to accommodate many upgrades. You can decide to add new triggers, barrels and feed necks.

Trigger System: Invert Mini features a return magnet trigger system. The trigger can be simply held down to and use the main board to change the modes.

Main Board: The main board allows you to cycle through programs. You don't have to take off the front grip panel, hold down a button and tap like in the previous models. This upgraded board saves a lot of time when adjusting settings. All adjustments are made without any tools.

Grip and No Hoses: The fore and rear grips are made of electronic parts. There are hoses attached thus eliminating crimps or breaks which usually get in the way while shooting. The tank rests easily on the ASA without worrying about hoses.

Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes: The eyes work perfectly. It never chops paint while shooting. You can fire several rounds without any problem.

Multi-Mode Firing: There are many firing modes including PSP ramping, Millennium ramping and NXL. You can adjust the trigger to a comfortable mode. The semi-automatic tournament mode can easily support15 bps. The tournament lock out is also easily accessible.

Threaded Autococker Barrel: Its barrel measures 12 inches which allow balls to travel a long distance with accuracy. The barrel threading also helps to increase accuracy and comfort.

Power: This is an electronic marker which uses a 9V battery. It also comes with a regulator. The battery is located in front of the trigger. Battery and bolt system are the only places where you need a tool for removal. You only need to rear head screw on the back of the grip frame.

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