The Best Paintball Gloves Buying Guide

Playing paintball is a very physical sport which involves diving and crawling. Hands are exposed to many hazards and one can suffer cuts during the game. They can also be bruised by the ground, thorns, splinters or the artillery. Gloves eliminate abrasions and red burns on your hands. The gun also requires a better grip for players to make prefect shots. Gloves are typically made using leather or tough synthetic fiber. A reinforcement is usually sewn to offer protection. The back usually consists of rubber, plastic or a compressed foam amor which protect knuckles from hits by the paintball. The grip is also enhanced by rubber patches even when the gun and hands are slippery.

Things To Look For When Buying Paintball Gloves

Make sure to choose a glove which offers great protection to both side of your hands. It should also allow you to handle the gun better and pull the trigger better. A quality glove should be comfortable and light. Choose gloves with a mesh on the palm. Quality models have a finger-less design which gives fingers the freedom movement. You can pull the trigger and perform other manual operations more easily. A light weight padding on the back also promotes free movement.

Full finger models offer more protection. But they should be spacious inside. Choose streamlined gloves for more dexterity. The two finger glove is known to offer the right balance between protection and unrestricted finger movement. The sleeve type gloves offer great palm padding and protect the back of the hand. Fingers remain completely open, the hand slips in completely and the thumb remains fully protected.

Choose models with a padded mesh for it offers breathe-ability which helps in keeping the hands cool. Make sure the wrist closure is adjustable. Gloves comes in various sizes and therefore, one should keep their hand size in mind.

Best Selling Paintball Gloves Reviewed

Valken V-TAC Half Finger Plastic Back Gloves Review

Top Features
Padding: The back of the hand glove features a breathable padded mesh. This helps in keeping your hands cool especially during competitive games in humid areas. The palm is also padded thus making it abrasion resistant. The plastic backing is made of inexpensive vinyl which protects hands from airsoft projectiles. The palm is made of a long-lasting synthetic leather.
Armor: A flexible plastic armor is provided on the main part of the hand. It allows you to take knuckle shots without feeling the hit or incurring injuries. It offers protection to all ages and both gender.
Half-finger: This half-finger construction offers dexterity. It allows you to use your fingers while keeping the hands protected.
Adjustable Closure: The velcro wrist closure is elastic and adjustable. This allows the user to customize the fitting for a comfortable feel.

It offers enough protection while playing paintball or airsoft. This glove keeps your hands cool throughout the gaming session. The web finishing on the palm offers grips. Th plastic and leather construction is durable. There are different sizes for all ages and gender.

The size of the glove is a bit large but the M-L size fits almost everyone. The internal black lining wears off with time. The fingers are exposed but increase finger movement.


HK Army 2014 Pro Paintball Gloves Review

Top Features
Open Design: The middle finger and the index fingers are exposed to allow easy finger movement.
Neoprene Protection: The back of the hand is made of thermoformed neoprene which offers great protection against hits. It keeps knuckles safe during the game. The material has a thickness between 1 and 2 mm but it cant make you sweat.
Screen-printed Palm: A screen-print design offers the palm with great grip. The breathable net material is similar to the one found in athlete shoes.
Padding: The padding on the bottom prevents your hand while diving or crawling. Top padding reduces pain and offers enough grip.
Construction: This glove is light and comes with a low profile velcro for an easy release. They are very comfortable and keep your hands warms in cold weather.
Labels: It is also decorated with HK Army logos. They are placed on the front and at the velcro band on the wrist.

It offers great durability and grip. Pieces of rubber like armor on the glove offer protection against hits. The additional padding on the palm offers protection when you slide and also offers enough grip for handling the paintball marker. The exposed fingers helps the player shoot fast.

The stain hands with a black color which is not easy to scrub away. The material on the thumb is very soft which can be caught on the velcro of the pod pack but one without a velcro works well.


Reebow Hard Knuckle Paintball Gloves Review

Top Features
Protection: The glove is molded well to protect the hand knuckle and the palm is heavily reinforced. These help in protecting the whole hand against impact and abrasion. Therefore, these gloves function as tactical gloves, workshop gloves and motorcycle riding gloves. They protect your hands from sharp edges.
Dexterity and Flexibility: The sizing allows for easy finger movement when playing paintball, working or riding. The glove adjustable at the wrist while offering a snug fit.
Stitching: The stitching is done very nicely and allows for breathe-ability. This is combined with its light weight to make it comfortable. Enough support is provided for outdoor exercises.
Textured Palms: This offers enough grip while holding the gun, driving or working. They are perfect for tying a hitch line or when towing something.
Material: Hard Knuckle gloves are made using durable microfiber leather material. It is wear resistant, lightweight, anti-slip and dries faster.

This is a versatile glove which can be used for military, paintball, riding and batting purposes. The gloves offer a perfect fit and enough grip for holding the paintball marker. They are very roomy even for the small size. They offer great protection in the field while diving or in case one falls accidentally. It is great at protecting knuckles and the inner hand which is used for landing.

The palm area can be too spacious for people with slim hands thus offering less dexterity. Fingers are also long but the glove is still comfortable.



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